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Cold as The Proverbial

Hello agin, it’s so cold here today, I think it must be snowing at Mother’s. It’s never as cold here as it is at hers but I bet it’s not far off it. brrrrr! I shouldn’t be surprised if the rivers don’t freeze over. It’s quite a dank place here, did I mention that before? […]

Cleaning Hell

This will be a short communication as I am very very tired today. I took advice from Dotty Headbanger’s blog and followed it thoroughly. Apart from the Mormons, we don’t get a lot of those in this part of the world for some reason. And I don’t know what Asda is or Flash wipes. Also […]

My chthonic Life

Well. today I’ve been thinking back on my life before I met Hades and thought I’d share a few memories with you. Its been a long time since I was a single girl, just wafting about in my lovely robes or running through the fields of corn with my sheaf and loving the deer and […]

A Fresh Start

I’ve been reading Dotty’s blog¬† (‘Mental and Loving it!’) lately so I decided, today of all days, to start up my blog. Its been sitting here for nigh on 3 yrs unused.¬† In these 3 years life has been full of the usual ups and downs that seem to go on forever but is just […]