My chthonic Life

Well. today I’ve been thinking back on my life before I met Hades and thought I’d share a few memories with you.

Its been a long time since I was a single girl, just wafting about in my lovely robes or running through the fields of corn with my sheaf and loving the deer and just being FREE!  I do love nature and have lived as a tree even! A free tree even. Oh sometimes language is so funny isn’t it?

You probably won’t believe that about being a tree but I did it. For about a year as well, I was just a tree standing by a beautiful glade with all the other trees. It was so funny that no one knew (well, apart from my Mum – I did go home for dinner, obviously) and being a tree gives a different perspective on life, i can tell you. You’d have to do it to understand really.

Mostly I ran a bit wild and used to go off for days just communing with nature. O yes, I’m a nature girl really. I love it. I can’t get enough of it. I didn’t need pets – all living creatures were my pets and I made a few up too but I can’t say which ones, not with the Spanish Inquisition and all that. The creatures of the woodlands and meadows used to follow me about. It’s just a thing I have really, I just have that effect on animals. They just seem to like me for some reason. I’m not complaining as they are so sweet; all the little birds and that. Its like totally cool.

I had quite a few admirers in those days too but I was quite shy and used to run off into the woods when I saw them coming up the path. My mum always used to warn me and say once you’re a wife you’re a slave, Persephone; don’t let a man tie you down, Persephone. Lots of stuff like that. She was a bit cynical about men really but having Zeus for a husband would drive any woman to distraction (There’s some sort of hazy connection there too but she’s never told me if they are cousins or something). I mean, I love my Dad but he just can’t stay faithful to one woman. Anyway, I digress. Lets just say that I always dreamed of finding the right man for me, a nature boy perhaps or someone I could look up like he was a God. I mean Hades is a God alright but not really what I had in mind.

And so those days were the golden days of youth, carefree and it always seemed to be summer. The earth overflowing with abundance. Wherever I went there was food to eat just growing, bees brought me sweet nectar and the streams were crystal clear. Not like these days. Oh! it truly was paradise! But, of course it all came to an end and it was a sudden ending at that. One minute I was just a shy flower girl and the next…I mean I had to grow up fast and face a lot of life I’d never even heard about. It was a bit of a shock to say the least.

So I’ll tell you what happened. It was like this. I was out one day with my bezzies, Athena and Artemis. We’d had an alfresco lunch and we were  just wandering about picking daisies and talking about stuff, like you do and suddenly this terrible noise happened and we all though Uh oh somethings going on here and tried to run away but Hades appeared. I knew of him, I mean who didn’t? and I knew  he had one of those eco houses or something but it turns out that we were standing right on it and he opened his front door to see what all the stomping about was on his roof, saw me and just grabbed me and dragged me inside. I call it kidnapping but he said he was ‘stunned by my beauty’ and didn’t know what he was doing. Yeah right.

Anyway, it’s time to  feed Cerby his fresh meat (it fairly turns my gut but Hades insists) and take him for a ramble.

I’ll continue my little life story later and try and bring it all up date. Not sure about tomorrow as I’ve got an awful lot of cleaning up to do. This place is a dump, that’s for sure. Bye for now.

4 comments on “My chthonic Life

  1. I hope you’re keeping well, honeypie, we all miss you and hope an early spring is on the cards so you’ll come home sooner than later. Lots of love Mumxxx

  2. If I had a daughter I would want to name her Persephone 🙂

  3. Thank you Dow Jones Industrial Average – that is also a beautiful name.
    Ms P

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