Cleaning Hell

This will be a short communication as I am very very tired today. I took advice from Dotty Headbanger’s blog and followed it thoroughly. Apart from the Mormons, we don’t get a lot of those in this part of the world for some reason. And I don’t know what Asda is or Flash wipes. Also I have to use ammonia instead of bleach as I don’t know what bleach is but it sounds similar. Hades isn’t happy but what can you do? It’s not my fault the place gets so disgusting is it? The other problem is I have to use river water as we don’t have mains here. Its pretty gloopy stuff and boiling doesn’t help much it just sterilises the gloop. I spent all day shooing (shoo-ing?) out the shuffling idiots that seem to wander into my front room all the time. They just appear as if from nowhere and always seem very confused. Hades seems to think it’s normal for heavens sakes! Anyway, by the time I’d got the dog in his kennel, shoo-ed the bewildered and put the furniture upright I was already tired. And now I am completely exhausted. I have to go to Hades workplace tomorrow and ‘mete out justice’ (whatever that is), apparently. That’s all I need – he can’t even do his own job without my help. I’m starting to wonder if he’s codependent or something? He definitely has issues.

2 comments on “Cleaning Hell

  1. Dear Persephone, Asda is a chain of British supermarkets, which has been taken over by Wal-Mart. Flash wipes are a kind of cleaning tissue.

  2. Dear Grumpy,
    What is a Wal-Mart and an Asda – is it one of the Gods?
    Cleaning tissues – a magical delicate tissue of cleaning power?
    thank you for your help
    Ms P

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