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Travels in Tartarus

I do declare that Tartarus must be as far below earth as earth is from heaven. I said that to Hades although he just looks at me like I’m stupid or something, like everyone would know that anyway. O well, you learn something every day. I don’t believe that really, sometimes you relearn what you already knew but had forgotten but you wouldn’t know that and would think it was something new. Especially when you live in the dark, it messes with your head.

Well, the journey has been pretty chaotic and a bit of a trial. I never wanted to go but Hades wouldn’t leave me at home alone and I wouldn’t stay there alone if Cerby wasn’t there. Better journey to the pits of hell, that’s what I say. And so I did.

I don’t know if you’ve seen that film Troll Hunter but there’s some very odd-looking creatures inhabiting the great caverns inside the earth. I don’t want to scare you but I can’t wait for Spring quite frankly, after seeing them. We’ve also met up with a lot of Hades’s(?) relatives who are a foul lot all be told but then if they were pleasant, well-rounded folk they wouldn’t have been in that place, I suppose.

The first day was a bit of a shock but you get used to it which is a great shame really. Going to Tartarus is only enjoyed by sadists and chavs and those Jackass people. I mean, who’d want to watch a bunch of exhausted women trying to fill a stone pool with water and using sieves to carry the water? Forever. Not many laughs in that if you ask me.  There’s not much to tell but you might want to listen to Mervyn’s discussion of it, if you like that sort of thing. He doesn’t know the half of it but it makes me smile.

A Holiday Snap

This is on our way, Day 2. See what I mean? Not much to write home about but I thought you might be interested. There’s no dancing unless you are condemned to dance on hot coals forever which isn’t really fun is it? Not like dancing round the maypole on May day with the nymphai and faeries in the glorious sunshine with the blossoms wafting in the gentle wind and the birds singing.

It really is such a gloomy old place, I can’t tell you. It’s impossible to describe it. It’s sort of…hellish really. But in a cold way. And wet! The air is foggy, like walking about in a freezing cold sauna if you can imagine it. Clammy isn’t the word. But you also feel like you’re on fire at the same time. Talk about headfuck! So it’s really very depressing and you feel like you aren’t real, really dissociative stuff; like taking drugs really. Yes I’ve had my moments, I always was a bit wild and still am when I can get away from Hubby.

So no I haven’t enjoyed my holiday. We’ve only been back a few hours and I’m finding it hard to shake off the downer it puts you on even though Hades place is like paradise compared to the sights we’ve seen and places we’ve been. It’s really NOT like going to Camber Sands or Blackpool. It’s really not my idea of a holiday. Hades on the other hand seemed really very cheerful (for him) and had many meetings with his old cronies. I even heard him laugh once!

I’ve given you the idea now, I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Best forgotten really. I think I’ll go and watch Harry Hill to cheer myself up.


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