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Jeremy Kyle

Hi Everyone!

I’m feeling a bit better now (I LOVE that Sixth Sense film, soooo funny!). But really I am feeling a lot better than last time although in another way I’m feeling a lot worse. I did text the JK show and they rang up almost straight away as I have an unusual story apparently. It might even be more unusual than that episode about the chaps that met and fell in love and went to meet the parents only to find out that they were half brothers. I don’t see what’s so unusual about that, quite frankly, compared to Hades family. He’s got kids coming out of his ears – a bit like his father – but then he can afford them so doesn’t need to put anything on the end of it. I know about all his affairs and the more the merrier, I say; at least it keeps him away from me.

See, I’m just thinking too much lately on this so called ‘family connection’ between us. I don’t know what to do. I mean leaving Hades isn’t an option, obviously. I think I might have to get my darling brother Hermes to entice a few nymphae down here to keep Hades occupied. It’s not a problem really he’s usually too gloomy to be bothered much but he has his moments so I might have to keep a few nymphs about the place. Anyway, it’ll be company won’t it?

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