Persephone Jones

Meeting JK for real

JK, Jezza, Jeremy, ‘Kyle’ (?) call him what you will but he knows his stuff. About people anyway, he’s not that great on Gods. The problem definitely is that they don’t follow ‘the rules’ of human nature. They sort of make them, if you know what i mean? They ARE the human rules –  so […]

Jeremy Kyle

Hi Everyone! I’m feeling a bit better now (I LOVE that Sixth Sense film, soooo funny!). But really I am feeling a lot better than last time although in another way I’m feeling a lot worse. I did text the JK show and they rang up almost straight away as I have an unusual story […]

Travels in Tartarus

I do declare that Tartarus must be as far below earth as earth is from heaven. I said that to Hades although he just looks at me like I’m stupid or something, like everyone would know that anyway. O well, you learn something every day. I don’t believe that really, sometimes you relearn what you […]

Cold as The Proverbial

Hello agin, it’s so cold here today, I think it must be snowing at Mother’s. It’s never as cold here as it is at hers but I bet it’s not far off it. brrrrr! I shouldn’t be surprised if the rivers don’t freeze over. It’s quite a dank place here, did I mention that before? […]

Cleaning Hell

This will be a short communication as I am very very tired today. I took advice from Dotty Headbanger’s blog and followed it thoroughly. Apart from the Mormons, we don’t get a lot of those in this part of the world for some reason. And I don’t know what Asda is or Flash wipes. Also […]

My chthonic Life

Well. today I’ve been thinking back on my life before I met Hades and thought I’d share a few memories with you. Its been a long time since I was a single girl, just wafting about in my lovely robes or running through the fields of corn with my sheaf and loving the deer and […]

A Fresh Start

I’ve been reading Dotty’s blog  (‘Mental and Loving it!’) lately so I decided, today of all days, to start up my blog. Its been sitting here for nigh on 3 yrs unused.  In these 3 years life has been full of the usual ups and downs that seem to go on forever but is just […]